Spanish-manufactured CUPRA cars are a contemporary vision of sportiness. They are not exclusive, but rare. Not industrial, but ingenious. Not bespoke, but special. Not tuned, but customizable. CUPRA is the redefinition of high performance, crafting and uniqueness, the world of racing, and sophistication and design. Driving a CUPRA is an experience, and so is owning one.

Since its presentation at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the CUPRA Born Concept has drawn praise for its sleek look and personality. Despite the rave reviews, the design team and the Technical Centre engineers didn’t stop there; they continued to evolve the vehicle, giving it a sportier character and an even more impressive visual appeal. We look forward to the arrival of the Born in New Zealand in late 2023.


48 Great South Road, Newmarket

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CUPRA is a Spanish manufacturer of high-performance sportscars and SUVs.