ChargeNet owns and operates New Zealand’s nationwide EV charging network and are the leading EV hardware distributor in New Zealand for rapid and hyper-rapid charging.

With the support of the New Zealand Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund administered by the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority, ChargeNet has built up a network of over 270 strategically positioned rapid DC charging stations. Using cutting-edge hardware technology that is rigorously tested to be safe and reliable, and combined with their cloud-based management software, ChargeNet delivers real time telemetry and fault resolution, resulting in a first-rate customer experience.

ChargeNet’s ultimate goal is to drive the transition to a more sustainable transport and mobility future by encouraging and enabling the uptake of electric vehicles. This means introducing Kiwis to straightforward charging technology that enables EV drivers to travel the country with confidence and convenience. ChargeNet is also enabling NZ businesses to embrace a sustainable future by providing reliable, smart and accessible charging solutions that are simple for them to deploy.

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New Zealand’s leading provider of rapid and hyper-rapid charging solutions, providing a reliable EV charging network and turnkey solutions for Kiwi businesses.