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Meet the Fleet – Evnex

by Drive Electric | Nov 25, 2020 | Commercial Case Study

We are proud to include Evnex among our valued Drive Electric members. Their innovative, enterprise-focused vehicle charging platform has made their customers’ transition to electric easier and more stress-free than ever.

Evnex is a leader in innovation and sustainability in the EV industry. They help electricity distributors and retailers, public charging networks, technology companies and parking operators develop and deploy their own EV charging products and services by offering a range of scalable, enterprise-grade hardware, software and cloud services.

The Evnex tools have been crucial in helping companies develop new payment services for EV charging, integrations with home solar technology and roll out scale deployments for electricity networks. Evnex handles the complexities of hardware, connectivity and cloud software so tech companies offering EV charging can focus on logistics and expanding their business.

After converting his own Honda Accord to electric, Evnex’s founder Ed Harvey started developing smart AC charging stations in 2014. After six years of constant development and innovation, Evnex is about to release their third generation of AC charging stations! This new generation of AC chargers – the E&X Series – will benefit from years of research and experience in deploying over 500 R-Series charging stations. This latest series is designed to be future-proof as new charging technology rapidly emerges and evolves in the coming years.

Evnex has also been working on strengthening their software offering. Their cloud-based subscription software, CP Link, is a fully interoperable charge point management platform. This allows any EV charging business to connect to hardware by other vendors as well as Evnex charging stations. CP Link also includes a range of integrations to allow extension of functionality for the unique business needs of each customer.

As a greater number of modern EVs enter the market, Evnex sees charging accessibility and convenience as a key factor influencing driver experience. As EVs support faster charging speeds and ‘smart charging’, having the ability to ramp up and down the speed of charging will become increasingly important. This trend has shaped the development of Evnex’s charging solutions; they have been focusing on interoperability, smart charging capability and ease of installation.

Envex has strong partnerships across New Zealand, Australia and Europe. They have notable NZ partnerships with Openloop and Parkable, along with a large number participants in the electricity industry.

Evnex believes there remains both a huge challenge and opportunity for the electricity industry to collaborate in the delivery of customer-focused smart charging solutions. So, Evnex aims to deliver both stability and efficiency to the electricity networks as well as cost savings to the end user. As they continue to refine, innovate and extend the functionality of their tech, they are able to provide a wider range of customers a low barrier of entry to quality hardware and cloud software designed to operate at significant scale. Evnex is at the frontier of EV charging tech in New Zealand, and we look forward to seeing what they bring to the future of electric vehicles next!