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Meet the Fleet – BNZ

by Drive Electric | Aug 29, 2022 | Commercial Case Study

Meet the Fleet – BNZ

Introducing Drive Electric Premium member BNZ, who play an important role in helping New Zealand meet its climate targets by providing access to finance that supports more sustainable choices, including the uptake of electric vehicles.


What is BNZ’s role in helping New Zealand meet its emissions reduction targets?

BNZ has committed to reducing emissions across their operations by 60% by 2025, against a 2019 baseline. Since 2019, they have already reduced their operational emissions by 50% (2021 reporting year) and they offset any remaining operational emissions through the purchase of carbon credits.

Between 2019 and 2021 BNZ nearly halved the size of their fleet and have introduced electric vehicles with a plan to be 100% electric (plug in hybrid or full electric) by the end of 2023.


What key strategies has BNZ implemented to drive change in the transport sector?

BNZ is committed to doing what it can to help New Zealand tackle climate change, and is committing to help finance sustainability and climate action for New Zealanders:

We are excited to work alongside BNZ as they work to change the way the finance industry contributes to green growth and a cleaner transport future for New Zealand.